Filia (Full-Sized 20×16" Canvas Print)

Filia (Full-Sized 20×16" Canvas Print)

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Filia is available for print in canvas and cardstock. 


20x16" is the standard size for the price listed. Please contact me for alternative sizes. 


    Prints run 80 cents per square inch and must be to scale. I order these upon request, please allow up to 2 weeks for order processing, and additional time for shipping depending on location. 


    There are generally no returns on prints unless there is something wrong or damaged about the piece. Please contact me to file a claim for a damaged piece and I will send you a shipping return label. Refunds will not be processed until the piece has been returned.  


    Shipping is fulfilled by UPS and free for all domestic shipments. If local to Los Angeles, it will be personally delivered. You will be provided with tracking information.